Donate to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Vintage Motors of Sarasota actively contributes to this nationally recognized and locally loved “not for profit” classic car museum


The Sarasota Classic Car Museum is recognized as the second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the nation. As a not for profit organization, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum generates its operating funds through your generous tax deductible donations. Donations are used for maintenance and restoration work needed on vehicles in the museums’ historic collection. Funding helps expand and enhance SCCM collection and displays, set up special exhibitions, and provide automotive history education. Collectible cars are the ‘Heart & Soul” of this historically significant museum, and your tax deductible donations of these “show class” cars to the Museum are proudly displayed along with their unique historic significance.

To ensure this historic Sarasota landmark continues to bring visitors from around the world an authentic automotive experience, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum embraces other tax deductible donations.

Other donation forms that can be used, or sold for SCCM funding are invaluable.

  • Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RV donations
  • Artwork, jewelry, antiques and musical instruments
  • Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated
  • Legacies
  • Sponsored Vehicles
  • Membership Package Tickets & Visitor Ticket Sales are tax deductible
  • Collectibles of all kinds - Items we have accepted in the past include: vintage magazines & books, vintage cam- eras, antique furniture, vintage signs related to cars, vintage juke boxes, and rock and roll SCCM can provide vehicle pick-up, and assist with certified not for profit tax paperwork for your tax deduction.


Cash donations help fund SCCM and its programs to ensure the preservation of the SCCM collection for future generations to enjoy. Make monetary donations at or donate by mailing a check made payable to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Sent to: 5500 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243.


A gift in your will is a simple way to make a sustaining difference for the Sarasota Classic Car Museums’ future. Your posthumous gift will help us continue our work to protect our motoring heritage for the education and enjoyment of future generations. If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, contact the Sarasota Classic Car Museum Director, Martin Godbey at 941-320-0908.



The Sponsor a Vehicle initiative offers you the unique opportunity to have your name, or the name of a loved one, on display in the Museum, while helping to support the historic SCCM collections. Select a type of museum vehicle you would like to sponsor and the monetary amount. What a a great gift for someone who enjoys historic cars.

End of the year donations are a good way to receive a tax deduction. SCCM can provide the paperwork for filing a tax deductible donation. If you have items to donate, contact the SCCM offices: