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Don Toms

Don Toms has been with the Vintage Motors Team in one capacity or more since 1997. Don is a well respected classic car expert, well known and respected throughout the industry as a noted expert and vintage automotive book and literature vendor. Don has an extensive automobile literature collection numbering in the thousands, specializing in out of print, limited issue volumes of classic cars. He also specializes in and stocks French automotive books, always with several volumes of the latest, fresh-off-the-print publications.

Born and raised in Ohio, Don currently resides as a semi-native of 20 years in Bradenton FL. 

His role at Vintage Motors not only involves sales, but he is also relied upon for his invaluable knowledge and insight on the history and characteristics of almost all aspects of the classic car and vintage car trade. When Don is not enjoying spending time with his family, he is likely to be found researching or writing something regarding his latest classic car escapades. 

Don’s appreciation for a wide range of cars is obvious, but his favorite car Marque is Bugatti. When looking for additions to your automobile library, please contact Don Directly at dtoms47698@aol.com

Sales Representative