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Blake Godbey

Blake Godbey was born in Sarasota, Florida and is the eldest son of Martin Godbey. Blake has grown up surrounded by blue water, sunshine, palm trees and classic collectible cars. Much like his father, Blake possesses an inherit passion for classic cars and has always had a relentless yearning to learn as much as possible about them. As a true classic car enthusiast, Blake has become thoroughly immersed at a young age in all aspects of the classic car industry.

While finishing his career as a student, Blake has developed a broad knowledge of the collector car market and spends a great deal of his free time exploring and procuring classic cars to expand the Vintage Motors classic car collection. He works in the Vintage Motors showroom as a Sales Associate whe he’s in Sarasota. Blake also enjoys photography and attending classic car events with the Vintage Team and currently alternates driving a classic BMW 1600 and a BMW M-6 Coupe.

Sales Representative